because some kids can't wait for Christmas

Christmas Dreams

. . . because some kids can’t wait for Christmas! 

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Upcoming Event:


School 4 Santas

Monday—Wednesday, July 15-17, 2019

8:00 a.m. — 5:00 p.m.

Here at Christmas Dreams in Winter Springs!

We are excited to announce that Santa Tim Connaghan will be hosting his School 4 Santas with us!

Santas need to start early in the year if they want to make the best of the training they are receiving.   So getting your training done by summers-end allows you the time necessary to apply what you have learned. 

As with all of our schools, this is for all Santas, Mrs Claus and those interested in the Santa industry. Whether you are real bearded or theatrically bearded; professional or just a volunteer, this school has something for everyone.   

A single registration for 2019 is just $299 for the two day course, $429 for a couple. This includes 16 hours of training, the 240+ page course book and your personalized diploma, or two diplomas for a couple.  Travel, meals and lodging are not included.

For an additional $149 per person or $199 per couple, on Monday, I will be offering the advanced day of training, “Making the Moment,” with concentration and practical application on photography, posing, special events, and expanded elements for professional Santas and Mrs. Claus.  Included is a copy of my newest book, “The Special Santa!,” which contains tips, advice, techniques and over 100 photos with examples for the Professional Santa and Mrs. Claus.  Special certificates acknowledging advanced study, will be presented.   You may register to attend only the “Making the Moment,” training.  However there is a requirement that you previously attended one of our two-day general schools.


Our Mission

To provide Christmas experiences 365 days a year for children and their families who are battling life threatening illnesses.



Below are the different experiences we offer as we help families create memories and discover the hope and joy of Christmas 365 days a year.


Making Santa’s favorite cookie with Mrs. Claus.

Making Santa’s favorite cookie with Mrs. Claus.

Christmas is coming

This is the mobile expression of Christmas Dreams. It is a 40 foot trailer that has been converted into Santa’s “mobile home.” We can provide this experience anywhere a 40 foot trailer can fit—hospitals, homes, parking lots, etc.

Inside children discover Mrs. Claus’ kitchen, a Tinker Shop and Santa’s man cave.

  • Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen—children make Santa’s favorite cookie with Mrs. Claus’ help

  • Tinker Shop—children create a toy using a variety of materials and their imagination

  • Santa’s Man Cave—children get to spend a special one on one visit with the Big Man himself. They can try on Santa’s boots and coat, share their lists, read stories and more.

Outside the experience, children can play reindeer games with Christmas Dreams evles, drive a sled, and have a snowball fight inside a giant snow globe.

NICU Santa babies

Santa makes a special trip to the NICU to check on babies who will not be home for Christmas. Santa also has a special moment with siblings and caregivers. This visit brings a bit of Christmas cheer and hope to families who desperately need it.


A sparkly Christmas pillowcase for a special friend!

A sparkly Christmas pillowcase for a special friend!

other experiences

Flight to the North Pole—partnering with other charities to provide a magical experience at the North Pole with Santa, presents and more

Decorate hospital rooms—this includes waiting areas and patient rooms

Hand-made pillowcases—delivered to children undergoing treatment

Home visits—this includes visits with Santa, as well as decorations, gifts and even a meal if desired

Christmas in July party—an offering of tropical holiday fun

overall view final.jpg

The BIG Dream

Our BIG Dream is to build an indoor, North Pole themed resort where families can spend several days with Santa, Mrs. Claus and the Christmas Dreams elves…and once again, 365 days a year!

Inside families can visit Santa’s Workshop, Mrs. Claus’ Kitchen, a Christmas Tree House, go ice skating, sled down a snow covered mountain, visit the reindeer barn, ride the Jingle Bell Express and so much more.

Our Impact

What if you could forget you were sick and just enjoy being a kid?  What if you could experience a bit of Christmas hope, joy and magic in the midst of the struggle even if just for a moment? 

According to Make a Wish “wishes (or in our case “dreams”) can increase the physical and emotional well-being of these kids, and create happy, lifelong memories. In fact, wish experiences are as much about the days that follow, as they are about the wish itself – because the impact of a wish can last forever.  A wish experience can truly change a child’s life”

That is our goal as we make the Christmas Dreams of children come true.  We help families create memories to last a lifetime, we bring cheer and instill hope to those who so desperately need it.



kids a Day

Every day 32 children are diagnosed with cancer in the US. One out of every 5 will not survive.



days a year

We celebrate Christmas every single day of the year because some kids just can’t wait for Christmas! Our goal is to bring the magic, joy and hope of Christmas to children and their families whenever they might need it.



is all it takes

One child, one family, one moment impacted for a lifetime. You could be the one person to help make a Christmas Dream come true!

Get Involved

There are many ways you can be an elf and help Christmas Dreams come true.

  • Join the pillow case brigade (each year we need 500+ “Christmassy” pillowcases at Christmas time)

  • Help us gather mini blue stockings (they are only available at Wal-Mart during the Christmas season)

  • Attend Elf University (offered once a year) to become an official “Christmas Dreams Elf.” This allows you to be part of the team that brings Christmas is Coming to life.

  • Donate financially to help us build the Christmas Dreams Resort


Volunteer opportunities

Learn more about our volunteer opportunities and how you can become a “Christmas Dreams Elf”

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